Integrating Thermokon SR04PS EnOcean wireless room temperature sensor with OpenRemote

20131018_095424Solar energy harvesting temperature sensor with an optional battery for placement in shadow places.

Thermokon SR04PS wireless room temperature sensor is has 3 sensors on board:

  1. temperature (TMP);
  2. set point adjustment (SP);
  3. fan speed switch (FAN).

The data sheet is available on Thermokon website SR04.
In order to make these sensors available in Openremote follow the steps:

  1. Find the device Id using either EnOcean Dolphin View software or taking a look at EnOcean log file in Openremote which is under OpenRemote/logs/enocean subdirectory;
  2. Create new commands for reading out the sensors using the device Id from the previous point and the A5-10-04 EnOcean Equipment Profile (EEP):
    • SR04PS-TMP
  3. Create 3 sensors and link them to commands created in the previous step.

Now you should have 3 new sensors available in the Openremote Designer ready for use during UI design or rules definition.