My first OpenRemote project

For the first task I’ve decided to add my home cinema hardware to OpenRemote. This is Bose Lifestyle V35 with great sound quality but rather cumbersome remote. It has a universal one which integrates all other remotes into its own but unfortunately it does not come without pain 😉 For example, when I’m watching TV and want to switch to Apple TV to listen some music streamed from my ITunes library then I need to do at least 8 button presses in correct order!

  1. TV input button – to call TV source menu;
  2. Down button – to change TV source from TV to HDMI1;
  3. Source button – to call Bose’s source selection menu;
  4. press three times Up button – to select Apple TV;
  5. Menu button – to switch Apple TV on;
  6. depending on Apple TV state multiple clicks to navigate to my iTunes library on one of my PC’s on the attic.

I’m sure that I can cut it to just one click using OpenRemote! Project started 🙂 Please follow the progress here.