Integrating Eltako F2L61NP EnOcean actuator with OpenRemote

20131018_095154The F2L61NP actor is a 2-speed fan relay which can be teach-in to work with many sensors – push buttons, temperature, humidity, occupancy, etc. For full specification please consult the data sheet. Unfortunately, at this moment Openremote can send only F6-02-01 EEP (push button), which means that if you need to couple other type of sensors with this actuator then a conversion need be done inside of the Openremote. Luckily it is quite simple with the Drools rule engine, however how to do this is outside of the scope of this post.

In order to learn this actor to work with Openremote a command to proxy push button press need to be defined:
Here, the Device Id can have any value between 1-255 and EEP must be F6-02-01. For EnOcean command the following values are possible:

  • PRESS_ROCKER_AI – Press bottom left button;
  • RELEASE_ROCKER_AI – Release bottom left button;
  • PRESS_ROCKER_AO – Press upper left button;
  • RELEASE_ROCKER_AO – Release upper left button;
  • ON_ROCKER_A – Press and release bottom left button = PRESS_ROCKER_AI+RELEASE_ROCKER_AI;
  • ON – Press and release bottom left button;
  • OFF_ROCKER_A – Press and release upper left button = PRESS_ROCKER_AO+RELEASE_ROCKER_AO;
  • OFF – Press and release upper left button;
  • PRESS_ROCKER_BI – Press bottom right button;
  • RELEASE_ROCKER_BI – Release bottom right button;
  • PRESS_ROCKER_BO – Press upper right button;
  • RELEASE_ROCKER_BO – Release upper right button;
  • ON_ROCKER_B – Press and release bottom right button = PRESS_ROCKER_BI+RELEASE_ROCKER_BI;
  • OFF_ROCKER_B – Press and release upper right button.

When you link one of these commands with a button in UI and press it when the actor is in the LRN mode then the coupling will be created.